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1. Resume Builder

Create and manage as many resumes as you need. We recommend creating a master resume, then duplicating and tailoring the content & keywords for specific job postings.

2. Cover Letter Builder

You will have the option to create unlimited cover letters but we recommend using the AI Writer to generate tailored cover letters based on created resumes. This will save you a tremendous amount of time!

3. Resignation Letter Builder

If you need to leave your position, you can also manage the creation of resignation letters.

4. AI Bullet Point Writer

The AI Bullet Point Writer is able to auto-complete or generate bullet point content that follows best practices. Generated text will mirror the job title of the experience and previously written bullet points.

5. AI Bullet Point Editor

By far the most powerful feature of Rezi is the AI Bullet Point Editor. This is an extremely powerful feature that is able to rewrite existing bullet points rather than generate new ones.

6. AI Summary Writer

The AI Summary Writer couples your entered experiences, a targeted job description, and defined skills to instantly generate a poignant summary.

7. AI Cover Letter Builder

Imagine if you could write a perfect tailored cover letter that appropriately references past experiences in ways that relate to your desired job description... in less than 20 seconds. That's what this does.

8. AI Resignation Letter Builder

The same function of the AI Cover Letter Builder extended to the resignation letter.

9. Rezi Score

The Rezi Score is your north star. It's a 0-100 index that grades how well you've created your resume across main parameters. Functionally, it compiles all feedback in one easy to understand view which makes taking actionable steps initiative.

10. AI Keyword Targeting

AI Keyword Targeting serves two major purposes in Rezi - most importantly, it guides you to understand which words are most important to include in your resume content. Secondly, it tunes our AI Writer to ensure the generated content is targeted to your targeted job.

11. Real Time Content Analysis

This works exactly like Grammerly, except for resume content. As you create, or edit your bullet points, we'll show you if there are any major issues to correct. The Rezi Score is the summation of passed/failed analysis parameters.

12. Blockchain Verified Resume

Rezi allows you to put your resume on the blockchain. By doing so, it's like stamping a seal of authenticity on your resume that can instantly verify ownership and originally.

13. Unlimited PDF Downloads

Download your new resume as PDF file - ready to be sent in applications.

14. Unlimited DOCX Downloads

Download your new resume as DOCX file - giving you complete freedom over editing options.

15. Unlimited Drive Exports

Export your resume to Google Drive - which allows you to open easily in Google Docs.

16. Rezi Standard Template

The Rezi Standard Template is an easy-to-parse, content-focused resume format. It is the default format for Rezi and is the second best resume format in the world.

17. Rezi Compact Template

The Rezi Compact Template is the best resume format possible. It allows maximum content density while still adhering to both best practices and readability. If you can fill up a full page of relevant content using the Compact Template - your job search will be a breeze.

18. Rezi Bold Template

The Rezi Bold Template brings color and a modern san serif font to the Compact Template.

19. Rezi Alternative Template

Don't use this format. But if you want something "graphical" here you go.

20. Rezi Sample Library

Over 330 samples of real-life resume and cover letter samples incorporating best practices that give you inspiration as you start your resume!