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Charles Bloomberg
New York City, New York
March 1, 2021
Ms. Helena Chang
My name is [Your Name], and I’m writing to apply for the Financial Analyst position at TrustLens Media Corp. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Gonzaga University’s School of Business Administration in 2017, and I’m all set to graduate with honors from the same school’s Master of Accountancy program this December. My internships and part-time work add up to more than 1,200 hours of accounting-related work over the duration of my university years.
During my two summer internships at Astral Consulting Inc., I was assigned to work alongside Marc Jacobson, a manager in the auditing and compliance department, gaining valuable on-the-job experience in contemporary accounting software and practices. In all, I helped audit the financial statements of eight multimillion-dollar companies. I also played a major role in writing out the audit reports under Marc’s mentorship.
I’ve also worked as a teacher’s assistant for Prof. Stinson, who teaches Compliance Accounting at the Master’s level. With constant exposure to the subject material, I’ve developed expertise of sorts — of the level possible for a new graduate at least — in auditing and compliance.
I possess other skills necessary to be a successful financial analyst. I am familiar with ERP software (NetSite ERR and FreshBooks) and adept at Microsoft Excel. My extensive knowledge of Excel shortcuts and formulae should see me breeze through the record-keeping and analysis expected of me as a financial analyst at TrustLens. These skills, combined with my good academic record and enabling internships, make me well-suited to be a financial analyst at your firm.
My semester ends on December 22, and I can start at your firm on or after January 3. I’d love to meet you in person to go through the rest of your recruitment process. Given my current class schedule, I’m available 9 am to noon Mon–Wed and after 2 pm on Thu and Fri. I’m looking forward to beginning this new year with new challenges at TrustLens!
Charles Bloomberg