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Charles Bloomberg

• New York City, New York • • in/cbloomberg


Experienced Data Scientist, passionate about leveraging Data to answer scientific and Business questions


Data Scientist | Microsoft | New York, NY | June 2020 - Present
• Analyzed the company's sales data to identify the unmonetized Deal Registration transaction -and determine the total value of uncaptured opportunities.
• Built a Real-time opportunity evaluation engine to identify the best deals to be applied by a seller for every order to maximize the margins of the transaction. The outcome of the project estimated to generate additional revenue of 100 Million dollars over 3 years.
• Developed and deployed multiple propensity models by using machine learning methodologies indluding Random forest, XGBoost and SVM, to determine the propensity of a customer to buy a product category in the next 3 months, and applied the models to the existing customer base to generate leads for sellers and help the marketing team create personalized marketing campaigns.
• Built and deployed an NLP based model by fine-tuning BERT to determine the customers intent for tracking their shipment from customers to email, and provide an immediate and automated response of the current status of the customers' shipment with an SLA of less than 80 secs with a precision of 98%.
• Developed and deployed an information extraction tool to extract information from PDF's by using OCR to extract text and their relative positions from the PDF and build a transformer-based sequence model to extract the information with 92% accuracy.
Data Scientist Intern | Microsoft | New York, NY | June 2019 - June 2020
• Developed a Variational Autoencoder model, to create a reduced dimensional encoding of each cell in a single cell RNASeq data of the drug product generated by the different manufacturing process.
• Performed unsupervised clustering of the reduced dimension encoding to understand the percentage of T cell in the drug products generated by the different manufacturing process and performed statistical tests to answer why one process is better than the other.
• Developed a logistic regression model to determine the patient outcome from the reduced dimensional encoding of single-cell RNA seq data.
Lead Assistant Manager Data Sciences | Microsoft | New York, NY | June 2018 - June 2019
• Led the development of an AI-powered Content Extraction product by leveraging deep learning methodologies for a leading logistic company, to extract information from the invoices in a structured format with 87% accuracy. This product reduced the SLA for processing an invoice from 3 Mins an invoice to 20 secs.
• Developed a deployed an anomaly detection engine for a leading media client, to flag customer misuse of subscription. This solution leveraged real-time clickstream data by applying LSTM based deep learning models and generated an estimated $8.75 Million /year in savings to the client.


Master of Science in Biology - Data Science focus | New York University | 2020


Machine Learning: Python (scikit-learn, pandas, NumPy), keras, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Spark MLlib
Data Visualization Tools: Tableau, R Studio, Power BI, Latex, Advance Excel
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If you can't be bothered to properly proofread your resume for typos and tweak the content to demonstrate how you're qualified for the job, how interested can you really be in the position? All things being equal, the candidate who best represents their experience, talents and interest in the position will end up with the job offer.

~70% of employers say that  resume deal-breakers would cause them to reject a candidate

Aside from making sure a candidate has all the technical skills and experience to execute a job, employers also look at soft skills that may not be explicit in a resume, failure to correct mistakes may show a lack of judgment and/or attention to detail.

Rezi was a feature-rich minimal experience. Rezi helped me focus on content instead of resume formatting and that was exactly what I needed to successfully get my foot in the door.

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the majority of hiring managers simply won’t notice a resume without keywords

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having keywords makes your resume stand out against all other candidates

If the software or the hiring manager does not detect any of the keywords in your resume or cover letter, your application might get thrown out. By embedding keywords in your resume or cover letter, you will demonstrate, at a glance, that you fit the requirements of the position.


Rezi was a feature-rich minimal experience. Rezi helped me focus on content instead of resume formatting and that was exactly what I needed to successfully get my foot in the door.


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