Rezi was a feature-rich minimal experience. Rezi helped me focus on content instead of resume formatting and that was exactly what I needed to successfully get my foot in the door.

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The entire experience is focused on the user, and it helped me craft the resume that ultimately landed me 5+ interviews, a few offers, and one full-time job!

I cannot recommend Rezi highly enough. The platform allowed me to build a strong resume in an efficient and organized manner. It also made building a resume feel less daunting. The entire experience is focused on the user, and it helped me craft the resume that ultimately landed me 5+ interviews, a few offers, and one full-time job!

My current employer was so impressed with my resume and said that they had not seen this caliber of a resume with any of the other candidates. What stood out to them was both the structure and the content itself. Rezi helped me craft a very compelling resume that had quantifiable numbers the employers were looking for and the soft skills that were emphasized in the job description.

The best part about Rezi is that while there is a structure built in, I was also able to customize the format and resume to be tailored to the position I was applying for. I could also save multiple versions of the same resume and modify them as needed to help catch the eye of specific interviewees. Rezi allowed me to put the best version of myself in front of my employer, and I am excited to start at a new company with Rezi’s help!

Before applying to any new position, it is necessary to use Rezi’s services to perfect your resume. This is the best way to allow your resume to stand out among other applicants and allows you to put your best foot forward before meeting with interviewers or future employers.

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Great tool. I've made the mistake of sending the wrong coverletter to the wrong company before. This will eliminate that from happening. It also gave me a better way to format my resume!
Deji A.
Brilliant concepts for the folks who are lazy to put efforts for creating CV. Basically, no duplication of efforts
Abhishek J.
Been using Rezi for a while now and it helped to save time writing my cv and not just give it a professional look, but also ATS optimize it.
José S.
Rezi is already such a great experience and with this new extension adds a lot more functionality. i hope it gets a rezi to different platforms kind of resume maker tho.that would be awesome
Aizenosa U.
Absolutely love Rezi. Used Rezi ever since the AMA from Jacob on reddit was posted and I swear it was thanks to Rezi that helped me land my 1st internship. Also, love that pro features.
Calvin C.
I have recommended Rezi because it helps save time and creates an ATS friendly resume.
Niloufer T.
Rezi is such a great tool! I grabbed access because I sometimes help people optimize their LinkedIn profiles and resumes and this can help me to do the job more efficiently. :)
Maddy O.
I have known for Rezi's service for few years, and all of their tips and advice really helped me to get my current job in abroad! They are innovative and keep developing! Highly recommend :)
Hyo J.
Awesome new features. Definitely my favorite resume app out there
Connor B.
Easy to use and a great tool in the job hunt
Ethan T.
Wonderful product with user friendly interface.
Sule A.
It's a great product super easy to use and has awesome features, I loved it!
Exactly what I was looking for. Someone read my mind, and it works as expected.
Clint N.
I used Rezi just last week to create a new resume. It was simple and it created a professional looking resume. Two thumbs up.
Jennifer F.
Rezi has helped me a ton! It makes it easy to custom tailor for different job descriptions which gives an amazing edge in applications. More power to you.
Vivek T A
Niceee! Application looks very slick and has a very nice user experience. I love it 🖤 Congratulations!
Yevhenii P.
Very useful product, makes you update your LinkedIn before you write your CV, Genius!
Luis G.
Really innovative feature! This combined with Rezi's already established features will surely help job-seekers. I've got a lot more interviews since I started using Rezi!
Rodrigo M.
Rezi is very helpful. While creating a résumé, my mind is usually already busy thinking about what things should be put in. Thinking about formatting is additional load. Rezi removes this making it faster and easier. This Linkedin to resume extension takes it one step further by allowing the LinkedIn profile download. Good job
Abhilash K.
Really streamlined the resume making process and made it really easy to build mine. I highly recommend!
Connor M.
Been using Rezi for a while now, and really does make managing multiple CVs, cover letters etc easy. Highly recommended.
Pete W.
The Linkedin to resume extension makes the resume building experience at Rezi, a time saver and time is money. Rezi is a good platform for helping to launch your job search with the right resume the right job is out there.
Louise T.
I love the way your templates are not too fancy. Some builders out there produce something that looks like a data visualization dashboard and I don’t think that’s what CVs should look like.
Amokrane T.
Been playing with Rezi for the past few months, and it's been pretty great. Look forward to starting up again to finetune my resume.
Jeremy P.
Brilliant work. Been trying to get my girlfriend to use figma for her resume and been hard for her to use! This is turning out super handy :)
Nikos M.
Rezi is amazing to use and very much user friendly. the AI functionality is top notch and will be the difference maker, bringing so much value add to your resume. i highly recommend :)
Sugar R.
Rezi totally rocks!... You'll never need another Resume builder once you start using Rezi.
I was stuck for weeks unable to make any breakthroughs on the format and content of my resume. I just started using Rezi this week, and no joke, it has been like rocket fuel accelerating my progress. I'm still experimenting and refining, but I've gotten enormous value already and I feel much more confident and optimistic about my career outlook. Well done Rezi team!
Drew M.
It has been amazing using the rezi resume builder. It balances the efforts needed for a good resume yet making the process effortless.
This is extremely helpful tool. In Artificial Intelligence era this tool is very equipped in the whole job searching function.
I'm a high school student and Rezi helped me organize my first resume. I didn't have much guidance applying for my first job, but Rezi made it easy.
Helped my get my Resume to 1 page and remove any fluff.
Good product, helped me refine my resume and fit it into a single page
K. Sodhi
Rezi made it very easy to manage my different resumes for the positions I was applying for.
Loved how simple it was. At the same time, it has plenty of features to be able to make the resume you want.
Paul S.
I had a near-zero interview rate using my old resume to apply for positions all over the web. Within just one month using Rezi, I was contacted by nearly half of all of the positions I applied for, and am currently in contention for life-changing positions. Thanks Rezi!
Rezi is the one-stop-shop for your resume needs. Get a guided, easy-to-use experience that takes the guess work out of creating a perfect resume!
Ashley B.
I have been looking for a new job for over a year and I was not sucessfull yet. I believe Rezi is more US standard focused, it it could be adapted further for Australian standards would be awesome.
Adriana L.
It's a great service and really helped make my resume look much nicer. I think it's hard to find a job for alot of people right now.
Rezi has helped me adapt my creative background resume to fit corporate algorithms and expectations from corporate recruiters. It's a great tool.
Carlos V.
It's a very easy to handle software. Had fun with how helpful and useful the software is and would recommend it as the best app for resume building.
I used Rezi to make my resume look more professional and all-encompassing. I had applied to a handful of jobs before using Rezi, but once I signed up and revamped what I had, I got call backs from almost all my applications.
Samantha W.
Using Rezi is a wonderful experience, gives you insights into parts of your resume you could improve and has a huge list of ready made templates to get you started quickly. Highly recommend
Rezi has streamlined a process that I've dreaded for years. After enough critical formatting errors in my Word and Google Doc templates, I started creating my resumes in Photoshop, but the amount of effort needed to maintain my resumes was enough to deter me from making the smaller updates that I should have. Now that everything is inside one dashboard and creating and updating resumes is so easy, I feel like my resume is always up to date and looking great.
Alex D.
Rezi was a godsend. I hadn't worked on a new resume in years (Thanks Covid) and didn't feel like paying someone $200+ for help. It made the process easy, and the resume I created resulted in a fantastic new opportunity.
A. Bauer
My girlfriend and I love this site because it's simple to use and easy to run.
F. Canales
Rezi is the perfect shell for a resume. I feel so confident in the tool, I recommend to any one not confident or satisfied with their current resume.
Mario A.
Rezi is the only way I know to make a resume now. The old way seems like a dreadful workload. It's the best thing!
Rita C.
Rezi is a unique platform, excepcional for students who are building their resume for the first time.
Lorenzo M.
Simple and easy to use and in minutes you have good Resume ready!
Rezi is extremely simple to use and has helped me to reduce the writer's block I usually have.
Simple, easy to use interface.
Timothy R.
Rezi helped me sit down again with my resume and fine tune what I knew wasn't quite right but just couldn't put my finger on it. Jacob was readily available too! Thank you, Jacob and Rezi!
Simply put: after I started using Rezi to optimize my resume for ATS/keywords, I saw response level go way up.
Lauren F.
Rezi made my resume building a breeze. I used to use word and the template was a nightmare to edit. Ever since I moved to rezi, things have become way easier. I pick a template, I enter the fields and Rezi suggests things I can improve on. I download and it's done. It's perfect everytime. Got my job with a Rezi resume.
It got me off my butt a bit trying to update/fix my resume, hoping it helps me find work someday.
Rezi is an excellent Resume creation / updating website I've used, it provides many options, plus the team are very responsive and supportive
Abu R.
Been using for half an year now. The Analysis that rezi provided while preparing my resume helped me to put my points in an impactful way. Helped me to build a strong first impression and landed up in a number of interviews that ended up receiving a number of offers. The resume reviews rezi provided also helped me to improve my profile and gain confidence while applying for stronger roles.
Viswanatham S.
Rezi has improved my resume a lot. I was struggling with putting in stuff but using Rezi, I got to know how much redundant points I was trying to fit in.
It's easy to use, can update whenever and plus helps me analyze the keywords to make the best of it
Is Rezi worth the subscription? Yes, absolutely. Simple, efficient and with numerous resources and analysis tools to create or optimize your resume in a blink.
Antoine P.
After my internship, I started sending out my resume to many companies but I never did get a proper response, none of them called back or replied to my emails. And then one fortunate day I saw a post regarding Rezi, I gave it a shot and I'm so glad that I did. It helped me out a lot in revamping my resume and sure enough, I finally started getting calls back and eventually landed a job! I kid you not, there are people over here who would charge you around $100 to $150 to make a professional CV for you (Not everyone can afford that especially students who are already overburdened with student loans like me). I got mine made for free cause of Rezi and I still can't believe that such an amazing and helpful website exists. I thought it was going to be another Coursera or Quora Esque website which will ask for my credit card right after the first sign in or two. I sent out that post to all of my friends who were with me in the university and I barely even talk to them. Again, Rezi doing something really amazing for struggling students like me, especially during this awful pandemic.
Usama T.
really good
Joseph K.
Incredibly easy to use and the tips it provides while building your resume are impressive. The resume I'm building is easily the best I've ever put together.
Jason B.
A useful tool that creates good looking CVs
Grant S.
The ATS killer :) ... I like the UI
Osazeme U.
Good software with video tutorials and a step by step wizard.
Mohammed B.
This product is much better than the free version, It is user friendly. It will help you get employment, worth every cent.
Floyd L.
my resume looks so beautiful! :)
Valerie V.
Because I liked it. And it is a user-friendly and quick tool. So I suggest that you may buy this app. Thank you for product managers.
Kagan O.
Great value. The best feature is the keyword matching of your resume to a job description you're interested in applying for.
Kristopher K.
Awesome!! Perfect resume software that will 100% help you to create the best resume you can. Worth the money.
Ashley M.
I was looking for resume software and this really helped me out. I ease of use and helpfulness was really nice. I really recommend this software for the cost
Roshan N.
The app has tons of features and the free human review each month is great! If you are in need of a resume this low-cost solution might be worth buying.
Efren H.
The app has tons of features and the free human review each month is great! If you are in need of a resume this low-cost solution might be worth buying.
chase c.
The professional review was helpful, although you need to plan ahead because it takes a couple weeks to get a response.
Glenn R.
While I'm currently full time employed, I bought this lifetime plan to make it easy to make a professional resume in case I need it. Its a lifetime plan and you never know when an opportunity knocks for a better gig, or when something tragic happens and your job lays you off because of Covid, you have the tools to find other work. A good long term investment to make now while you have the funds.
Tim S.
Now, I don't have to worry about going unseen from the HR. It is one of the best services to go for.
Aakash P
The product is very good with its formatting and overview for setting up your resume. My response rate has increased since using this product for my resume.
Victoria G.
A great product that constantly seems to be improved by it's developers and very necessary right now with the job market being so uncertian. Loving it.
Damion M.
Rezi is great software for building a resume and cover letter. Plain and simple. I would like to see more template options, but I think that there are purposely few in order to make your resume looking the best. Great service!
Michael A.
This resume program is user friendly an easy to use. The price it excellent and would recommend this program to anyone trying to revamp their resume or any job seeker.
Carl-Michael A.
Worth every penny. The team is quick to respond and very good at what they do. My resume is much more polished and professional now!
Alicia A.
Quality work, as advertised, with excellent communication. Very pleased with the results, and glad to have their expertise in my queue.
J. P. S.
Just a brilliantly simple way to write effective CVs and manage them. New features added regularly with a very responsive support team.
Very easy entry format to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Also great recommendations on making your document more impactful and stand out. I took what I thought was a great resume and made it so much better.
Russ J.
This software not only formats your resume automatically, but also gives suggestions on how to edit your resume. These features increase efficiency when creating resumes.
Wilson C.
I got a job with it. It was awesome. They thought I was the best candidate in the world so that is it.
Kevin H.
It helps so much to prepare Resume in a perfect way! Excellent product, so valuable! God bless! All the best!
Easy to create a well formatted resume. Step by step update is very helpful.. like splitting a task and getting done. I used to start preparing resume and leave it in middle. Using rezi , I created one with rezi rating of 98. Now submitted for free review. May have to use other tools for grammar checks. Overall a good buy.
Great product for creating resumes. You have loads of templates to choose and also few contents are predefined.
Diwakar D.
Great deal, easy to use software. Quickly can import data from LinkedIn and create a decent solid resume. Easy to modify various versions as well as some cover letters. I'm not even looking for a job, just wanted to have this as way to store a resume that I could easily update.
Eric G.
A helping hand when you can't find the right word, a process that makes for a less stressful resume.
Daniel B.
Rezi is amazing. It helps me create my CV in minutes (not hours). I hope they will add more templates so that the CVs are not similar with other people who using Rezi too.
Huy T.
This has been a very useful tool in order to get past the ATS system! So simple that you'd think it wouldn't work, however you will be surprised once you get callbacks :) So happy I purchased this!
Rodrigo D.
I have used Rezi before and it really does help you get interviews. When I was I could get a lifetime subscription for $20, I jumped on it.
Mathew S.
The Rezi Résumé service is very nice, not only fast but also simple for novices. I would love to recommend it.
Very helpful! I can see where I will be able to submit more powerfully focused resumes thanks to this!
Lynn M.
perfect app for my needs. it has everything that I am looking for. subscription to it was even a sweeter deal.
Jay R.
Rezi Résumé Pro Lifetime, well recommended software, as of today has my positive approval :) Thank you.
Nuno O.
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