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Charles Bloomberg
New York City, New York
March 1, 2021
Ms. Helena Chang
My name is XYZ and I would like to submit a resume for consideration for the Product Lead role at Company Z. I have spoken with several members of the company’s Product Leadership team and I was impressed by their dedication and enthusiasm for Product Development. I feel that my past experience as a Product Lead at Company A has prepared me for this position and my skills will contribute to the company’s success.
My interest in developing and launching products stems from my time spent in university where I studied Product and Industrial Design. During my time in university, I was able to contribute to the launch and success of several products, including a wall clock and an ergonomic seating system. My passion for product development has continued to grow in my professional career, where I have also had the opportunity to work as a Product Lead at Company A.
I am passionate about developing a coherent marketing strategy for a product and communicating it effectively to a company’s stakeholders. I am confident that I can successfully develop a strategy that will enable Company Z to build a successful business. I am also a strong believer in data-driven decision making and I am confident that I can develop a roadmap for the product that will be based on measurable data.
My experience has been gained through a variety of different positions. I began my career as a Product Designer at Company A, where I was responsible for designing and creating a series of products, including a new line of smart-home products. My next role involved managing a team of designers, product developers, and marketing professionals. In this role, I was able to lead the development of a new product line. My responsibility was to oversee the development of the functionality and aesthetic design of the product line and I was able to work with a team of six product developers and five marketing professionals. I was also responsible for developing market strategies and communicating them effectively to the company’s stakeholders.
I am confident that my experience will contribute to Company Z’s success. I am eager to apply my skills and to discuss them further at an interview.
Charles Bloomberg