15 of The Best ATS Resume Examples in 2022

April 7, 2022
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Creating an ATS resume isn’t easy. It also doesn’t have to be as difficult as it needs to be.

As job seekers, it’s become a necessity to have a resume that beats the applicant tracking system. From formatting your resume and handling the intricate details, it’s important to know how to customize these aspects to attain your new career.

Searching for ATS scannable resume examples?

We’ve listed 15 of the best ATS resume examples you should learn from for the next time you make an application. It’s also extremely useful to know why ATS resumes have become so important and the features that make up an ATS resume. 

Without matching the job description, it’s challenging for the company to see if you’re the right person out of their entire list of candidates.

Why Are ATS Resumes Important?

As some of you may know, the applicant tracking system is a software recruiters use to find the best of the best, qualified candidates. Thanks to this, they don’t have to spend hours to review each individual resume. 

The hiring manager can focus only on those who are worth their time. Knowing this, it’s quite clear why ATS resumes are important. 

Generally, the first hurdle of the hiring process is passing the applicant tracking system. You won’t have a solid chance of getting employed for your next company without optimizing your resume for the ATS. 

The main point is, it’s crucial to have an ATS-compliant resume or else you won’t make it to the hiring manager’s list of prospective employees.

There also needs to be a balance. You need to be writing for both the robots and the employer. 

Which leads to the next question you’re probably thinking of...

How to Build an ATS-friendly Resume

The big difference between a normal resume and an ATS resume is that an ATS resume is optimized and designed to beat the applicant tracking system. 

Things that make up an ATS-friendly resume include:

  • Resume font
  • PDF file format
  • ATS keywords
  • Specific categories & resume sections
ATS Optimized Resume

After that, it’s all about customizing and making it appropriately built for that one organization you want to work for. 

It’s also why we want to make the process easier for you with our chosen list of usable ATS resume examples in the next section of this guide.

It’s helpful to see successful applications as well as understanding how and why they work. With this strategy, you can get a good idea with what you should do when building your own ATS resume. 

If you’re still thinking about it or perhaps you’re sort of a perfectionist who wants to nail the resume building process with minimum effort, you can use any of the ATS resume templates mentioned below by clicking on the image. 

Of the 15 ATS resumes, the first on our list is:

Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Associate resume sample template with high amount of experience in related fields at various companies.

On this list, our first ATS resume example is for the job position of an administrative assistant.

You’ll notice the contact information immediately on this resume since it’s the first thing mentioned. To follow, the summary section outlines the candidate’s objectives and skills which makes it easy to learn about them and what they’re looking to achieve.

Also, the work experience section is a crucial part of your resume for the applicant tracking systems. 

It’s nicely labelled with good points and ATS keywords such as:

  • Administrative associate
  • Coordinated
  • Excel
  • Sales
  • Technical data

Throughout our list, you’ll notice the use of bullet points underneath the section title. First, it works really well as a resume formatting technique and it ensures you have a nicely designed, clean resume for both the employers and resume scanners.

Depending on your job position, your resume sections as well as the order of your resume sections will be different.

You’ll also notice the use of bold text to make certain pieces stand out, therefore it’s easily noticeable.

Unless you’re a student, the best section to go after your summary is your work experience so the ATS will quickly pick up on the requirements they’re looking for. 

Account Manager Resume

Account Manager Resume with high amount of experience in related fields at various companies.
Account Manager Resume

With an account manager resume, it’s important to emphasize your work experience and professional background to show the company you have what it takes.

Aside from the keywords used in the section titles (e.g. enterprise account manager), you’ll see how it’s been used several times throughout their work experience. The keyword “manager” is something the applicant tracking system will be bound to pick up as it scans your resume.

It’s fairly subtle but the format here is different to our previous one. 

Since your professional background is important when it comes to a management position, you want your experience to speak for itself.

Software Engineer Resume

Software Engineer Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Software Engineer Resume

On this software engineer resume, we have more sections compared to the account manager resume to put emphasis towards our skills. This is evident through the “training” resume section. With Rezi, it’s easy to build and customize your own resume sections to suit your specific job position and company.

The format is consistent on our list of ATS resumes. One ATS mistake is using design elements that won’t be picked up by the resume scanners.

DevOps Engineer Resume

DevOps Engineer Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
DevOps Engineer Resume

This time, on the DevOps engineer resume we focus on our skills and experience but using different resume sections. 

Again, it’s difficult to say what the best resume sections to use are. 

Multiple factors must be taken into account such as where you’re at in your career, your qualifications and work experience. 

Unlike the software engineer resume, this ATS resume template uses a certifications section and has labelled more skills. Although It's a huge list of skills and keywords, there’s no problem outlining them with context like this.

Nurse Resume

Nurse Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Nurse Resume

As for the nurse resume, skills are important but it’s more important to show you’re qualified for the job. In this example, we include as many qualifications as we can to show we have the knowledge and expertise to perform in this field of work.

The section titles being bold helps to put the recruiter’s focus on the details we want them to notice. 

Since we only have a few seconds to determine an answer in the recruiting process, you want to take advantage of your ATS formatting options, e.g. bold text and bullet points. Then, the employers will take notice of those details first which can ultimately affect the hiring decision.

Second Year Student Resume

Second Year Student Resume template with low level experience, concentrating on recent education, internships, and other extra curricular experiences.
Second Year Student Resume

On this second year student resume, we don’t have as much work experience which is expected. As a student, there’s a good chance you’ve haven’t had the chance to work full-time for a significant period in the workforce. 

The only exception is if you’ve managed to land an internship. Any involvement you might have had whether that’s volunteering, if you’ve managed to develop valuable skills it’s worth mentioning this on your ATS resume.

Usually though, it’s best to start with your education section first. 

Since you may lack depth in work experience, your education lets employers know what you’re qualified for. It also helps them see your potential in the future and they’ll take that into consideration when making a decision to hire you.

IT Support Specialist Resume

it support specialist Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
It Support Resume

Next, this IT support Specialist resume focuses on both work experience and skills. 

As for the variety of resume sections, the hiring managers will be able to respect the multiple qualifications of the candidate. Their professional background is just one side to it, the candidate’s skills in this industry are another important factor to consider.

HR Resume 

HR Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
HR Resume 

This time, the HR resume doesn’t use a summary section. While it is a popular part of your resume, sometimes it’s not needed. 

With this ATS resume example, we can focus purely on what the candidate is capable of doing. 

While personality is important, some companies may just want you to get straight to the point. The HR resume above is a good example of that by staying concise and including only what’s necessary.

Sales Resume

Sales Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Sales Resume

The sales ATS resume example here also skips on using a summary section. It goes straight into it and focuses on the candidate’s skills and results. 

While qualifications and professional experience are both important, you’ll notice the description per job position in the past contains good depth of detail. That’s because the employers and applicant tracking systems are more likely to care about the results you were responsible for. 

Besides using the right keywords, you should also go in-depth when describing your responsibilities.

Web Designer Resume

Web Designer Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Web Designer Resume

This web designer resume works well as an ATS template because of its layout, format and content. It is optimized for both the resume scanners and a real person (e.g. the hiring manager). A common mistake candidates tend to make is focusing too much on optimizing for the applicant tracking system, they forget that a human being will also be reviewing their resume.

Social Media Resume

Social Media Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Social Media Resume

Next, this social media resume example uses different section titles. Remember, every company and job description is going to be different. For each one you apply for, you should focus on the quality of the application you send instead of the quantity of applications. 

Both professional experience and skills are important for this role. When we learn about what they’re capable of and what qualifications they have, it’s evident the candidate is more than qualified for the role.

Investment Banking Resume

Investment Banking Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Investment Banking Resume

On this investment banking ATS resume, it’s crucial to let employers know you’re capable of completing your duties and tasks given to you. In this case, it’s been made clear through the resume sections the applicant used.

When making an application, see what the job description is focusing on. If there is larger emphasis on work experience, be sure you prioritize that on your resume first.

Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designer Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Graphic Designer Resume

Up until now, you should have a good grasp of the ATS resume format. On this graphic designer resume like all the others, the format is kept neat and minimal.

The best formats are those that are simple and straightforward. 

If it’s like a riddle or a maze where recruiters need to find their way through, it won’t work in your favour. The fact is, it will have the opposite effect.

Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Digital Marketing Resume

On a digital marketing resume, qualifications are important but your work experience is a bigger priority. It’s important to show the company what you’ve managed to accomplish as well as projects you were involved in. Therefore, you should be going into detail when describing your professional experience.

With what’s been said about simplicity, notice the middle of the experience section. 

Each bullet point only contains a one line sentence. There’s nothing wrong with this because it says everything that’s needed. You don’t need to force things when it’s unnecessary.

Accountant Resume

Accountant Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.
Accountant Resume

Last but not least, the accountant resume template.

As experience is important, you should be adding specific information related to the job description. Don’t forget to include your ATS keywords too. 

At this point, if you’re wondering how to take all these pieces of detail into consideration to make an ATS-compliant resume and get your new job, the Rezi A.I features can do that for you. Building a resume using Rezi’s additional features will help you build a job-winning resume that beats the applicant tracking system with ease.

Rezi’s Resume Builder

Rezi aims to make the resume building process a breeze for you. Our A.I features and resumes are designed to work its way around the applicant tracking systems. You won’t have to spend the whole day contemplating if your resume is ATS-friendly or not.

To build an ATS resume and avoid the problem of having blanks when deciding what you should mention, you can sign up below to use our resume builder. 

It’s free and the process is very simple, you can see for yourself at no cost.

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