46 Professional Cover Letter Examples For Job Seekers in 2022

August 30, 2022
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Cover letters can improve your chances of getting the job. 

In fact, 83% of HR decision-makers who were surveyed said that a cover letter has helped them make a hiring decision.

One of the best ways to create something successful faster is by looking at what already works and imitating what others have done. That’s why in this article, we’ll be going through 48 professional cover letter examples. 

They’re perfect to use in 2022 and we’ve included templates across several industries. So, you can take inspiration from something that works in your field and use it for your own application. 

Each is designed to bypass the applicant tracking system and our tools help to ensure you’re meeting the expectations of your hiring manager.

4 elements of a professional cover letter - header, opening paragraph, mainbody, closing paragraph

To kick things off, we’ll start with cover letters for entry level.

Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples 

Those of you who are looking to apply for entry-level positions, we’ve got you covered. Each of these templates is applicable for graduates, students, and those with not much work experience. 

Here’s what we’ll be reviewing:

Entry-Level Nurse Cover Letter

Entry-level nurse  Cover Letter template example

As qualifications are essential, the candidate makes this clear in the first few statements. They’ve also mentioned how they were praised by peers and colleagues in previous employment. 

Internship Cover Letter

Internship Cover Letter template example

When looking at internship cover letter examples, there’s a chance you don’t have the ideal corporate experiences. So, it makes sense to focus on your other strengths. Here, they’ve listed relevant coursework and talked about their accomplishments from a previous campaign. 

College Student Cover Letter

College student  Cover Letter template example

As a student, some of your main highlights might include:

  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Relevant projects 
  • Extracurricular activities

Cover letters should display why you’re the best candidate. For that reason, personalize your application by describing what makes you motivated or uniquely qualified, and relate your previous experiences back to the job posting.

Recent Graduate Cover Letter

Recent graduate Cover Letter template example

The graduate behind this template takes on a personalized approach by showcasing how their personal interests match. Plus, they use examples to elaborate and consolidate each point they've made.

They’ve also suggested the next steps, i.e. an interview. In the closing paragraph, the applicant states that they would love to discuss how their objectives align. 

Wait Staff (Entry-Level) Cover Letter

Wait staff (entry-level)  Cover Letter template example

Make it a priority to use language that is related to the industry. From the sample above, they’ve mentioned words such as customer-service-driven and quality control. This correlates to the field of work as the job they're applying for is in the foodservice industry. 

Accounting and Finance Cover Letter Examples 

All cover letters will show a degree of your enthusiasm. More specifically, the reasons why you’re motivated and passionate about the job you're applying for. It’s no different for accountants and professionals working in finance.

For this industry, we’ll review the following:

Accountant Cover Letter

Accountant Cover Letter template example

The applicant starts by introducing the position they’re applying for and how they came across the opportunity. Next, it’s followed up by a simple sentence stating why they’re a suitable candidate to hire. 

Like this sample, it’s good to provide details that tell employers about yourself, e.g. a highly organized and self-driven individual. 

Certified Public Accountant Cover Letter

Certified Public Accountant Cover Letter template example

The main objective of a cover letter is to showcase why you’re the best fit. In other words, stick to your strengths and align them with the company values. With the example above, the user focuses on their employment history, i.e. the duties and responsibilities.

Finance Cover Letter

Finance Cover Letter template example

Your cover letter is a document that compliments your resume. If you’ve outlined key points on your CV, feel free to go into more depth about what happened behind the scenes, e.g. describing the workflow

Investment Banker Cover Letter

Investment Banker  Cover Letter template example

Like the last example, write about the impact you've had in previous job positions. When expressing statements that are more subjective, there’s no problem as long as you can support your points with examples and data. 

Business Cover Letter Examples 

The purpose of cover letters is to personalize your application and clarify why you’re the best person to hire. That being said, business cover letters aren’t too different from what we’ve seen so far. 

This section will include:

Business Analyst Cover Letter

Business Analyst Cover Letter Cover Letter template example

The length of this sample isn’t as long or content-heavy compared to others on this list. But, it’s more than enough to send to your employers. Rather than including fluff, it’s better to find a concise application in your email that gets straight to the point.  

Consultant Cover Letter

Consultant Cover Letter template example

You’re not restricted to only writing in paragraphs. When listing things, consider using bullet points. It’s more readable and easier to skim through. Another good point about this template is that it’s optimized for the job description as keywords have been included appropriately, e.g. management consulting. 

Marketing Cover Letter Examples 

In this sector, we’ll assess the following positions:

Some job titles are in a higher position than others. Therefore, the contents, focus, and description can be slightly different. 

Digital Marketing Cover Letter

Digital Marketing Cover Letter template example

It’s important to demonstrate your past responsibilities and achievements. Although the second paragraph in this example is more detailed compared to a typical cover letter, the candidate does a good job in highlighting their skills and experience.

Content Writer Cover Letter

Content Writer Cover Letter template example

This example resembles the standard format of a cover letter. Like this candidate, outline why you’re interested in applying for the job vacancy in the first place and why they should take you into consideration.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Marketing Manager Cover Letter template example

Several keywords related to the vacancy have been used in the sample above such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media promotion
  • Online advertising
  • Sales team
  • Customer service

Besides that, it's simple yet effective. While the length shouldn’t exceed one page, it doesn’t mean you need to use as much space as possible. What matters more is not the quantity of what you write, but the quality of it. 

Director of Marketing Cover Letter

Director of Marketing  Cover Letter template example

For a higher position like a director of marketing, highlight your relevant skills, responsibilities, and achievements from your work history. In this example, they’ve focused on key tasks from their professional experiences in the past that prove they are qualified and capable for the position.

Social Media Manager Cover Letter

Social Media Manager Cover Letter template example

Clearly express your interest in wanting to work for the company and to use your background to demonstrate your passion. When writing a cover letter for any job in the marketing sector, give the hiring manager a taste of what you’re capable of by showing the results you’ve accomplished. 

If you have no work experience, you would need to shift your approach.

Programming Cover Letter Examples 

Programmers may have the least difficult time job searching when compared to other functions in this list, however, a well-written cover letter can always increase your value for the potential employer. 

For programming, we’ll explore the following positions:

Front-End Cover Letter

Front-end developer Cover Letter template example

This example goes into detail on the motivation of the application - tying together past experiences with requirements found in the description.

Machine Learning Engineer Cover Letter

machine learning engineer Cover Letter template example

This cover letter show how the candidate is the best for the job by describing desired skills and experiences.

Software Developer Cover Letter

software developer Cover Letter template example

Writing a software developer cover letter doesn't have to be difficult, since your technical skills are already evident, focus on subjective points such as your passion for the industry or knowledge of the company.

Design Cover Letter Examples 

Designers should have a portfolio ready to showcase to their employer along with a resume and cover letter. When writing your application, demonstrate your capability and how you align with the company values. 

The main samples we’ll be looking at are:

Interior Designer Cover Letter

Interior Designer Cover Letter template example

This sample begins by providing a brief summary of the applicant’s background. To finish the starting paragraph, make a clear statement that expresses your interest in the position and company you’re applying for. 

User Experience Designer Cover Letter

User Experience Designer Cover Letter template example

This time, the format resembles the traditional cover letter length. But, that doesn’t mean it’s generic – how you use the space provided is more important. And with this job seeker, they’ve positioned themselves as an experienced professional by highlighting their career highlights. 

Senior UX Manager Cover Letter

Senior UX Manager Cover Letter template example

For a senior position, you’ll want to highlight the strengths and traits that make you uniquely qualified. Here, they’ve stated they’re a natural leader with the ability to empathize with users. When making statements like this, support your claims by describing your experience in previous jobs. 

Web Designer Cover Letter

Web Designer  Cover Letter template example

This is another good example of the standard cover letter format. The opening paragraph states why they are making an application and it provides a brief background about themselves. As we get into the main body, they’ve described their internship experience

Before the signoff, they’ve written a personal note to express confidence and personality.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Graphic Designer  Cover Letter template example

You can add as much detail as you want but don’t go over one page on your cover letter. What’s good about this example is that it’s broken down into smaller paragraphs which makes the text more readable.

Teacher Cover Letter Examples 

As a teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on students and prepare them for the future. To ensure progress, a thriving learning environment and culture play a big role. 

That being said, the examples in this section include:

Primary School Teacher Cover Letter

Primary School Teacher Cover Letter template example

Keep in mind that cover letters aren’t as formal as resumes. So, you’re open to showing off your personality. In the sample above, the candidate does this by implying their passion and excitement about working in this profession. 

Special Education Teacher Cover Letter

Special education teacher Cover Letter template example

Whether you’re listing out accomplishments from a previous project you worked on or your career highlights, bullet points are effective. They’re better than using big paragraphs as they can make certain points stand out. In this case, it’s the candidate’s accomplishments. 

Teacher Cover Letter

Teacher Cover Letter template example

Another factor to the hiring manager’s decision is if you’re a good cultural match. 

With cover letters in the education industry, don’t just outline your strengths. Align your application with the company values and work environment. To do this, check the job description and website carefully to see what’s being emphasized.

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Cover Letter template example

This candidate effectively showcases their hobbies and personal interests. 

Hiring managers will notice that they have a passion for music and enjoy sharing their love for it. You’ll have an advantage by displaying a genuine interest when communicating why you’re best suited for the job. 

Nursing Cover Letter Examples

Before being allowed to work as a nurse or healthcare professional, employers need to know that you’re qualified. With a cover letter, you can go in-depth on your qualifications, certifications, and work experience. 

The examples we’ve included are:

Nursing Cover Letter

Nursing Cover Letter template example

The candidate has kept the application concise. Three paragraphs are the minimum, and it’s more than enough to include everything you need. As long as you:

  • Provide an introduction;
  • Dedicate a paragraph that directly reveals why you’re a good fit;
  • Conclude it appropriately

Then, that’s all that’s necessary. 

New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

New graduate nurse Cover Letter template example

Three paragraphs are all you need. However, feel free to expand on the main body of the application. This is what’s most important as it’s the paragraphs where you describe the things that make you a strong potential employee. 

Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Medical Assistant  Cover Letter template example

Throughout this template, the user reveals their strongest abilities transparently. In this case, it’s their communication and interpersonal skills. What’s more, they’ve provided examples to support their statements.

Medical Scribe Cover Letter

Medical Scribe  Cover Letter template example

Before getting started writing, you should have an idea of some of your best skills or achievements. With that in mind, briefly go into detail about your professional background and mention things that are relevant that help you stand out, e.g. the writer states they can type over 80 words per minute. 

Registered Nurse Cover Letter

Registered Nurse Cover Letter template example

Instead of going into detail in the introduction paragraph, they’ve saved it for the main body of the application. The structure flows nicely as the writer consistently links back to how they can add value. 

Tech Cover Letter Examples 

You may have heard that cover letters aren’t necessary. Even so, that doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable asset to send to your employers. These job documents are used to personalize your application and showcase your background in more detail explaining why you’re the best fit. 

We’ll go over the following:

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Administrative Assistant  Cover Letter template example

From the second paragraph, the recruiter will notice the candidate is experienced working in an administrative role. You’ll also notice that they can work as a team and in an office environment based on the responsibilities listed. It’s a straightforward approach yet just by sending this, it means you’ve made an extra effort.

Pharmacy Tech Cover Letter

Pharmacy Tech Cover Letter template example

If you don’t know the recruiter’s name, use their job position instead. Never address them by saying “to whom it may concern” because it indicates a lack of effort and interest. Aside from that, the main focus behind this is the candidate’s work history and they’ve used that information to convey to the hiring team their level of expertise.

System Administrator Cover Letter

System Administrator  Cover Letter template example

Several action verbs have been used contextually, which demonstrates a strong level of understanding. As a result, it creates a solid impression that they’re knowledgeable in this field of work.

Engineering Cover Letter Examples 

Engineers usually have a good amount of certifications and qualifications that adds to their credentials. 

In this section, we’ve included the following:

Civil Engineer Cover Letter

Civil engineer  Cover Letter template example

Not all opening paragraphs need to be 4 lines long, it can even be as simple as this. Rather than making things hard, it’s better to be short and concise. Throughout this cover letter, they’ve made it clear that they’re capable by describing their achievements and corporate experience.

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

Electrical engineer  Cover Letter template example

Every cover letter should be situated towards your strengths. You can tell from this applicant that it’s his years of experience in the field of electrical engineering.

Hardware Engineer Cover Letter

Hardware engineer  Cover Letter template example

Similar to the previous example, the main highlight behind this cover letter is the candidate’s work history. By highlighting key responsibilities in previous jobs, it’s a solid indication to the hiring manager that they’re a skilled engineer.

Industrial Engineer Cover Letter

Industrial engineer  Cover Letter template example

You can also break down the paragraphs from the main body of your cover letter to make it more readable for the reader. From the template above, the candidate has broken it down into two smaller paragraphs.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Mechanical engineer Cover Letter template example

Notice the subtle call to action at the end of this example. It’s straightforward and lets prospective employers know what they would like to expect moving forward.

Software Engineer Cover Letter

Software engineer  Cover Letter template example

Unlike most samples on the list, the second last paragraph is the most content-heavy. The reason it’s written in a big paragraph is that it’s focused on one employment experience. 

Throughout this, the candidate talks about things such as:

  • The impact they’ve made
  • Job responsibilities
  • Collaborations with other companies
  • Accomplishments e.g. surpassed 24 million users

Notably, they’ve included numbers and reputable companies as they describe their duties. By being specific about each detail, it helps to position you as the expert.

Sales Cover Letter Examples 

The last batch on this list relates to the sales industry. 

As interpersonal skills are important in a sales position, cover letters are a good way to demonstrate your creative ability and written communication skills. Technically speaking, you’re trying to sell your value to your employers by displaying what makes you a skilled professional. 

In this last batch, we’ll go over:

Bartender Cover Letter

Bartender  Cover Letter template example

Mentioning key hard or soft skills that you’ve developed paints a good impression about your capability. If you have experience working in similar environments (e.g. other bars or restaurants), let the reader know. 

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

Customer service representative Cover Letter template example

This applicant effectively ties back their passions to the company values, e.g. dedication to the advancement of technology to benefit society. It’s not complex, but direct and easy to follow.

Customer Support Cover Letter

Customer support  Cover Letter template example

Keywords have been used contextually as they’ve linked it back to their experience and previous responsibilities. From this, the recruiter can acknowledge that they’re informed about what it takes to provide a good customer experience. 

Retail Sales Associate Cover Letter

Retail sales associate  Cover Letter template example

This is a powerful retail cover letter as the applicant describes what they’ve learned over their years of experience. 

While it highlights the fact they’re knowledgeable about the job responsibilities, they’ve also listed the impact they’ve made using bullet points. By including results like this, it adds to your credibility because it’s proof you’re capable and it implies that you’re better than the average employee.

Cover Letters With Rezi

Hopefully, this guide has given you some deeper insights and fresh ideas to implement on your cover letter.

In summary, you should be highlighting why you’re the best candidate to hire. 

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