How to Create an AI Resume to Secure More Job Interviews

April 6, 2022
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You’re probably familiar with how vast technology has evolved over the years. 

Virtual reality exists, machine learning has become a thing, and Tesla is already in the works of developing a humanoid robot. 

And thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), there are human tasks that can be automated. 

It’s no different when it comes to resume writing. 

An AI resume is used to secure an interview and speed up the job application process while increasing the quality of your writing. 

Now, you have the opportunity to create your resume faster and better. 

What is an AI Resume?

An AI resume refers to creating a job application that gets past the resume scanners. But, it also refers to using artificial intelligence to help you create a tailored resume. 

In our guide on how to beat the company’s AI, the steps involved can be completed automatically if you’re using an AI resume builder. Meaning, it saves hours of your time with minimal effort. 

To get a better understanding of how this works, let’s go through how AI is used in employment. 

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Used in Employment

The advancement of technology is causing innovation across multiple industries, including human resources (HR). For instance, blockchain technology is already being utilized to confirm the ownership of each job application. 

When it comes to resume writing, it’s had an impact on both job seekers and recruiters. 

AI for Employers 

According to a report by Jobscan, it was found that nearly 100% of Fortune 500 companies are using AI to filter candidates. 

Instead of having to read through every application received, the entire process is automated. This means the hiring manager can immediately identify whether or not you match their job description. So, if you haven’t included certain skills and keywords to show you meet the basic criteria, it’s easy to remove you from the list. 

In other words, the volume of applications is narrowed down without them needing to review each resume individually. 

AI for Job Seekers

It’s common to go through writer’s block or analysis paralysis during the writing process. Plus, you’ll often have to do a lot of back and forth research to match the company’s job description. 

But this obstacle is removed when you’re using AI to help you create a resume.  

Therefore, you save hours of time so that you can apply to more companies without minimizing the quality of your writing. To put it another way, think of AI as a shortcut. It’s used to speed up the resume writing process and to help you get past the applicant tracking system (ATS). 

As a result, you’re more likely to land more interviews and to secure your next job opportunity faster

How to Create an AI Resume

There are 9 simple steps you can follow to create an AI resume. By the time you get to the end, you’ll be fully equipped with the resources you need to create an effective CV with less time and effort. 

1. Create a Free Account on Rezi 

The first step is to create a free account on Rezi. You won’t be charged anything and you’ll instantly get access to the AI resume features. 

The first step is to create a free account on Rezi. You won’t be charged anything and you’ll instantly get access to the AI resume features. 

2. Create a New Resume 

Click on the “create new cv” button located on the left side of the screen. 

Click on the “create new cv” button located on the left side of the screen. 

3. Complete the Form 

Next, you’ll be given a short form to complete. Fill in the spaces and include the following:

  • Full name
  • Industry 
  • Experience level
Fill the form with resume name, field or domain, experience level etc. You can also import your LinkedIn profile to create a resume

4. Select the “Target Your Resume” Option

Once you’ve filled in the first few details, there’s a button as shown below where you have the option to create a tailored CV. 

Once you’ve filled in the first few details, there’s a button as shown below where you have the option to create a tailored CV. 

5. Copy and Paste the Job Description 

Now, you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Job description

After entering the required details, press the “save” button to proceed. 

Copy and Paste the Job Description to target your resume for the job role

6. Fill in the Spaces for Each Tab

Each tab relates to a resume section. In order to use the AI writer feature to draw inspiration, you’ll need to enter some basic information about your professional background. 

7. Press the “Generate Bullet” Button

After including your background details, press the “generate bullet” button for the AI resume writer to generate content. 

If you’re happy with what’s been written, click on “apply suggestion”. 

Generate bullet after entering your role, if you like the generated bullet point, apply it to your resume
Apply bullet points to your resume

8. Repeat the Process for Other Resume Sections

Using the different tabs above, you can follow the same process to complete each of your resume sections. 

9. Finalize Your Resume

Once you reach the “finish up” tab, you’ll notice a few different things:

  • The Rezi score 
  • An expert review option
  • A list of resume keywords
finalise your resume in the finish up tab, check rezi score, check resume keywords and apply for a rezi expert resume review

Since the AI feature uses the details from the job description you provided, it generates a full list of keywords you need to get past the company’s applicant tracking system. 

5 Tips to Creating an AI Resume

Before we wrap things up, we’ll give you a few more tips to take into account when writing an AI job application. As you’re editing your resume, keep each of the following in mind. 

Personalize the AI Content Generated

You can use the AI resume feature to create your entire resume. 

But, it’s good practice to use this as inspiration and to personalize what’s been written by aligning it with your professional background. Instead of making the AI writer the creator, think of it as a guiding principle for you to customize. 

Shift Your Approach

Because of the great resignation, many employers have shifted their approach when it comes to recruiting new candidates. For instance, introducing remote work opportunities and using technology to automate the process of finding qualified applicants. 

Aside from taking into account the job satisfaction rate, it’s also good to think about how to make yourself stand out. 

For example: 

  • Do you have any soft skills or competencies that show why you’re the better candidate?
  • Are there any relevant achievements you could include to prove your professional value?

Another option is to send a cover letter alongside your resume. In a similar fashion to how recruiters automate the hiring process, this can also be automated with the use of AI. 

Tailor Your Resume 

Not all job descriptions are the same, even if you’re applying for the same job title. 

That means you need to tailor your resume for the specific company you’re applying to and ensure you’ve mentioned their values. This sets the impression that one, you’re qualified for the role and two, you’re a good fit for the company culture. 

Since each organization has its own mission and workflow, they’ll want their employees to be on the same page.

List the Resume Keywords

Resume keywords are essential for getting past the first obstacle of the recruiting process. 

As mentioned, one way employers are using AI is to see if the applicant matches the job description. To find this, they’ll set keywords for the resume scanner to identify in your application. 

If there’s not a variety or the main ones aren’t used, it’s a sign to the employer that you’re not the best fit for the role.  

Resume Formatting 

Using Google Docs or Microsoft Word to create your resume is one option. 

The only problem is that they’re not optimized for you to build a powerful CV as the default settings aren’t focused on:

For instance, with a resume builder, the format is optimized in a way for you to fit in as much information as possible without compromising quality. Or alternatively, to make use of white space strategically since you have a limited professional background

With all that being said, why not try getting started for free by using a proven template for your job position here? 

The Revolution of Job Applications 

To sum up the role of AI resumes, it increases efficiency and the list of quality candidates to fill a vacant job position. 

Creating an impactful resume requires commitment. It takes rounds of editing and revision. While the process might seem decent at first glance, it’s actually a lot more draining than it seems.

But with an AI resume, it gives you a strong headstart. 

All you have to do is personalize it by taking inspiration from what’s been generated for you and ensuring you’ve met the requirements of the job description. Which is easy when you have the success criteria in front of you.

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